Chapter work

The analysis of the documents of the commissions continues in the general assembly throughout the day, with many interventions and observations, which already give a hint of the final document. Consecration, formation, St. Leonard family, community, mission, government, economy are the most recurrent themes. But there are also some more specific themes: the importance of being among young people, the challenges of the contemporary world, our mission in the parishes, the internship, places and ways of theological studies, abandonments, activities (“opera”) without a Josephan community, and many other recommendations … as well as some proposals for changes to the Rule.

Visits of bishops

On Tuesday, the Archbishop of Quito, Monsignor Fausto Gabriel Trávez, Franciscan, was with us for Mass and lunch. He reminded us that St. Leonard Murialdo and his charism are for the whole Church, wishing us good work and assuring us of his prayer and blessing.
On Wednesday the Nuncio of Ecuador, Mons. Andrés Carrascosa, came for the evening Eucharist and for dinner. He also assured us of his closeness and prayer, thanking for everything that the Josephites have done in Ecuador for almost 100 years.


What do you eat in Ecuador? So many things, very good and very colorful! Fresh and natural tropical fruit juices, many and varied soups (the famous “sopa”), chicken, pork, and fish both from the sea and fresh water, an infinite variety of fruit, salad and tomatoes, many “postre” or desserts and other sweets in snacks. And we do not talk about the dishes served on the occasion of festivals and visits to several Josephan communities of Ecuador, where there was everything and more (see photo)! Not absent are pizzas and pastas, these prepared with love by Br. Marco De Magistris, who is the coordinator of the food service, together with the Franciscan nuns that host us and other helpers! Bravi! Thank you!

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