YCS - Murialdo Secondary School, Lunsar

  • 03 Maggio 2023

Un rigraziamento agli insegnanti da parte dei giovani studenti cattolici YCS- Murialdo Secondary School,Lunsar


Today we celebrate with joy and cheer,

The hardworking teachers of Murialdo from Lunsar,

Whose time and dedication we hold so dear,

Their sweat and toil have brought us this far.

With passion in their hearts, they impart their knowledge,

Guiding us through each day with wisdom and care,

Their tireless efforts we can never acknowledge,

Their impact on our lives beyond compare.

Through every challenge and obstacle they stand,

Their strength and resilience never ceasing,

In their hands, we entrust our future and our brand,

Their influence in our lives ever increasing.

So on this Workers' Day, we honor and appreciate,

The Murialdo teachers from Lunsar without hesitation,

Their hard work and dedication we celebrate,

For they are the reason for our education.


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