YCS, Murialdo Secondary School, Lunsar

  • 07 Maggio 2023

Young Catholic Student YCS, Murialdo Secondary School, Lunsar  

#WASSCE #OMBA #Murialdo

(una poesia a loro dedicata...)


Our boys and girls stand tall and strong,

Prepared for battle, they've waited long.

The walls of Murialdo Secondary School,

Echo with chants of victory, bold and cool.

Success is written all over their faces,

As they gear up to ace the toughest cases.

Their eyes sparkle with fierce determination,

WASSCE always knows their success destination.

Monday marks the start of their fight,

A battle to conquer, with all their might.

They'll study hard, day and night,

And shine bright like stars, oh so bright!

With courage in their hearts and minds,

And knowledge that they'll surely find,

Our boys and girls will emerge victorious,

Their success stories etched in history, glorious.

So let us cheer them on, loud and clear,

Our champions who have nothing to fear.

For they are the future, brave and strong,

And with their success, our nation shall belong.


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