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We are ambassadors of faith, peace and brotherhood in the conviction that diversity unites and enriches us. We do not offer assistance as an end in itself, but we are committed to the shared construction of a future of autonomy and integration.


Ekuò is a registered trademark of Murialdo World onlus (MW) for an increasingly ekuo and sustainable world. Through this brand MW tries to be an active part in making our world more and more "human" and beautiful for everyone, without exception.

What has been achieved and what is in progress

Some "start-ups" of small commercial businesses with a social purpose were supported in the context of fair trade shops, catering, responsible tourism, cinemas and bars, some of which have continued their activity independently. In this period, jobs were generated, also thanks to the WWW-we wanna work project for youth work placement.

Socio-cultural promotion and fundraising events are organized for Josephan missionary projects. For example, the ekuò Advent concert.

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We try to promote sustainability in the economic world, stimulating entrepreneurs and freelancers to be more and more sustainable year after year in the areas of the 4 "Es" described below.
This is also achieved by associating the name "Ekuò" with a service provided or to a good produced, such as it was done with Ekuò wines which are organic and solidarity as they support, with a percentage of the proceeds from their sale, Josephan solidarity projects, thanks to the Cielo e Terra spa, our supporter in many projects.

In this regard, the important initiative "Beautiful story" is underway, which provides support by Cielo and Terra of some Josephite projects including "Let us unit against Covid-19" through the donation of a percentage of the turnover generated by the sale of 3 organic wines.

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The 4 "E" of Sustainability

ECONOMIC - Maintain a balance of economic and financial accounts in the medium and long term, with adequate profitability for risk capital holders and a long-term strategic business vision.

EQUITY - To intervene to avoid any form of waste during all phases of the cycle of one's product (birth, maintenance, recycling) and, in general, to seek ever deeper respect for the planet in which one's services or products are offered.

ECOLOGICAL - To offer one's contribution to the creation not only of economic value but also of social value and for this reason at the same time take on economic and social responsibilities in a broad sense, for example by supporting social projects.

EMPATHY - Investing time and economic resources to increase the quality of relationships with its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and all "stakeholders".



How it works

By MW, they are stimulated and given visibility to entrepreneurs / freelancers who are committed to being more and more sustainable in their business.

On the part of the entrepreneur / professional, strategic emphasis is placed on sustainability and the results are shared with their stakeholders through their website.

Are you an entrepreneur or a freelancer and want some more information on the sustainable ekuò model of the 4 "E"?
Send an email to info@murialdoworld.org and we will be happy to answer you.

The Giuseppini del Murialdo offer young people experiences of sharing and work in mission lands. We do not propose a tourist trip, but an intense experience of knowledge of the missionary reality. A choice to broaden one's horizons and open up to the world, to then return home much more motivated and enthusiastic, much more aware to start continuing one's commitment, with a different point of view from which to look at one's life ... and , who knows_, maybe to plan longer departures!


Where are we going?

India o Africa (Nigeria, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone)

How long?

The first three weeks of August. They are not many, but sufficient to begin to approach the reality of the mission, to enter into dialogue with the people and culture of a different country, with the missionaries...

More information

to the community SACRO CUORE DI PADOVA, VIA OGNISSANTI 93 TEL. 049.772706

padre Siro 340.6242882
padre Denny 324.5633322 e padre Misihadas 324.8050424


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