The Secular Institute is made up of groups of people who consecrate themselves to God and his Kingdom. People who are committed to living the evangelical counsels being in the world and starting from the world.

The Murialdo Secular Institute is a school of holiness, aroused by the Holy Spirit, in which a specific charism is lived alongside each brother and sister, in everyday life. A way to live the baptismal vocation more intensely, remaining in the family , without distinction in clothing, in praying, in carrying out a single apostolate, all lived in great secret, becoming light for others and glorifying the Father who is in heaven.

Saint Leonard Murialdo, in a special moment of his life, experienced the merciful love of God. He felt deeply that this love is infinite, tender, personal and actual. This spiritual experience was the source of his evangelical commitment.

A charism well highlighted in the Murialdo Secular Institute, therefore, is witnessing the merciful love of God, infinite, current and personal, in the midst of the world, as an evangelical leaven, dedicating oneself especially to the poor and the most oppressed young people. By oppressed, we mean those people who are suffocated in many different forms of oppression. Who have lost or are about to lose their dignity, people in great physical, mental or spiritual need, desperate, disoriented who do not perceive the merciful love of God.

Il logo dell’Ismur

L’emblema dell’Istituto è formato da due semicerchi azzurri con una linea di contorno gialla.
Il semicerchio di destra ha una croce rossa.
I due semicerchi rappresentano la struttura del mondo: sociale, politica, economica e culturale.
L’interno rappresenta il mondo, vasto campo di attività di tutti i membri dell’Istituto.
La croce rappresenta il suo fondamento evangelico come testimonianza di amore misericordioso di Dio, in Gesù Cristo, all’interno del mondo.
I colori azzurro, rosso e giallo fanno parte dell’emblema della Famiglia del Murialdo.

The Murialdo Secular Institute was born, on the happy intuition of Moema Muricy Rodrigues, in Brazil on May 18, 1990. It was recognized as an association of lay people by the Bishop of Caxias do Sul in 1996 and is awaiting recognition by the Holy See as a Secular Institute.

They are groups of people who consecrate themselves to God and his Kingdom. They are committed to living the evangelical counsels being in the world and starting from the world.

They are lay women alongside other lay people who wish to be faithful to the Gospel to the very last consequences. They do not separate themselves from the world, but recognize its authentic values and make them the means to live their own consecration. In this sense, the vocation of those who belong to a secular institute does not differ from the vocation of a Christian layman: “to seek the kingdom of God, dealing with temporal things and ordering them according to God”.

They are present in any profession, as a ferment in the crowd. We can meet them in banks, public offices, serving restaurants or hotels, working in schools, working in shops, in active politics, workers in factories, in hospitals No field of work is forbidden to them Everyone chooses their profession and field of work Professional competence and responsibility in the work are considered very important.

The way of life of a consecrated woman of the Murialdo Secular Institute depends on a personal choice: staying in the family, in a group, or if she prefers alone. Each one supports herself with her salary.

Unmarried women or widows who are over 18 years old can join the institution.


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