Family of Murialdo

"Vita Giuseppina" is the magazine of the congregation from 1895

It speaks of St. Leonard Murialdo, of the Josephites and their activities, of the Murialdo Family in the world.
It holds many people together: priests and laity, friends, past pupils, apostolic mothers, benefactors and families.
With your help, continue to create a network of solidarity.


The story of «Vita Giuseppina» is closely intertwined with that of the other magazine of the congregation, «Lettere Giuseppine». The first to be born was «Lettere Giuseppine», in 1895, as an internal information magazine of the Congregation of San Giuseppe. In 1923, while maintaining the same title, «Lettere Giuseppine» also began to be sent to friends, acquaintances, supporters of Josephan works, giving itself a content suitable for a wider audience.

In 1931 the bulletin changed its name, taking on the title «Vita Giuseppina» and beginning to play a double role, that of a periodical both inside and outside the congregation. From 1931 to 1939 no magazine was printed with the title «Lettere Giuseppine».

In 1940, while the publication of «Vita Giuseppina» continued, that of «Lettere Giuseppine» was also resumed as a periodical intended for the confreres.

Vita Giuseppina stopped publishing in the years 1944-45, due to the war. He reappeared with no. 1-2 of January-February 1946.

This explains why «Vita Giuseppina» can somehow write on its cover (2010) that it is now in its 116th year of existence, tracing its birth to 1895, even if it happened with another title, that of «Letters Giuseppine». 

Vita Giuseppina – Magazine of Josephites

Responsible Director: G. Novero
Editor: Casa Generalizia della Pia Società Torinese di San Giuseppe
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Number of registration to ROC: 1321 — Partita Iva: 01209641008​​​​​​​
Editor: M. De Summa​​​​​​​
Editorial: T. Locatelli — M. Aldegani — M. Angeli — G. Nicolato
​​​​​​​Secretary: A. Romozzi – F. De Summa​​​​​​​
Editing: G. Rocchetti
​​​​​​​Graphic and Web Collaborators: A. Aimetta – V. Bernardi – D. Cassano – S. Vacchieri
​​​​​​​Graphic Project: P.G. Zago
Authorization of the Court of Rome 26-7-1954 -n. 4072 of the Press Register

The Data Controller (EU Regulation 679/2016) is the Generalate of the Pious Society of Turin of San Giuseppe with registered office in via Belvedere Montello, 77 Rome. The RPD is Annunziatina Boccia, via degli Etruschi, 7.

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