We are a religious family called to live the charism of St. Leonard Murialdo. The Word of God and the Eucharistic Lord is our sustainment.

Saint Joseph, our ideal

The Murialdine of St. Joseph were born in the spirit of Murialdo which Fr. Luigi Casaril in contact with him and with his collaborators and successors Don Reffo and Don Costantino, of whom he continued the work in their Congregation as Superior General.
Implementing the desire and attempts of his predecessors, he started the new Congregation in Turin in 1953 to to have alongside the Josephan works the collaboration of nuns formed according to the spirit of Murialdo, especially in the parishes and missions.


Characteristics of our Congregation

The characteristics of our Murialdine Congregation have been the following from the beginning:

  • spirituality inspired by St. Joseph and the Holy Family;
  • Eucharistic worship with daily individual adoration;
  • devotion to the Sacred Heart, to Mary Immaculate, to St. Joseph and to the Guardian Angels;
  • declared evangelical choice for the poor, dark and hard-working life in Christ;
  • practical assumption of the characteristic virtues: humility and charity;
  • family spirit in carrying out activities in common with hilarious simplicity;
  • specific apostolate “the Christian education of youth preferably poor and in need of amendment; penetration into families to keep them united to Christ and the Church; commitment to catechetical instruction and preparation for the sacraments ";
  • widening of the apostolic horizon in the missions;
  • need for competence and apostolic specialization;
  • fidelity to the Church in perfect and joyful obedience to the Bishops and full availability for collaboration, in conformity with our charism.


Proper nature

We Murialdine are called to witness in the Church the merciful, infinite, tender, personal, actual love of God the Father, with our existential response through an assiduous and constant contact with him that leads to a filial abandonment to his Providence, to practice of the virtues of humility and charity, implemented in the apostolic commitment for the poor and most abandoned youth and for families.

This charism must be lived by us in the way of being, of working and of leading souls to God, in a spirit of concealment, of sweetness and patience, according to the typical style of St. Joseph and Murialdo's motto “let's be silent”.



Aware of our limitations and convinced that the good we can do in the service of Christ and the brothers to whom we dedicate ourselves is the fruit of God's Providence and the action of the Holy Spirit, we Murialdine commit ourselves to practice the virtue of humility.

It is therefore the requirement of the whole Congregation and of each of us to live in humility, preferring as a path of holiness a life of concealment, as was lived by the Family of Nazareth.



Distributed in our hearts through the Holy Spirit, charity towards God and neighbor must be our hallmark and characterizes us by expressing itself first of all in the love for the sisters of the Congregation.

mutual tolerance, respecting the personality of others, participating in other people's concerns, helping the sick and elderly sisters "by praying reciprocally and bearing each other's burdens" with a spirit of faith in order to form "a well-united family".

Humility and charity are therefore the characteristic of our Congregation.

They will grow if each of us does not tire of asking them in prayer and meditation on the paschal mystery of Christ, "who came not to be served, but to serve and to give his life for the redemption of all".


Rule of life

The charism and spirit of Murialdo and of our Congregation, as given to us by our Founder Fr. Luigi Casaril, find expression in the Rule of Life, which includes the Constitutions and the General Directory. In it the Will of God is manifested for each of us and the way of a concrete love for the Lord Jesus and for the brothers is shown to us.

We are a female religious family called to live the charism of Saint Leonard Murialdo.
The Word of God and the Eucharist are our support.
We live in small communities, in a style of simplicity and industriousness following the example of the Family of Nazareth.


Our Congregation is a religious family of pontifical right gathered in the name of the Lord.

It is made up of all the sisters of the individual communities who, even when united in Delegations, report to the central government which is made up of the superior general and four councilors.

The seventh general chapter, held in the month of July 2005 elected for the 2005-2011 six-year period Sister Orsola Bertolotto superior general, Sister Regina Manica vicar, Sister Emma Bellotto councilor and treasurer, Sister Cecilia Dall'Alba and Sister Mariana Guerrero, councilor.

The service of authority, exercised in imitation of Christ and in the spirit of Murialdo, is aimed at promoting the good of the Congregation, the improvement of religious and apostolic life in fidelity to the charism and in accordance with the directives of the Church.

The service of authority is exercised in the Congregation in an ordinary way by a superior assisted by her council, at the local, delegation and general level, and, in an extraordinary way, by the legitimately reunited General Chapter.
of convenience suggest it, Delegations can be formed.

There are currently four delegations: Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Chile-Argentina.

The Italian delegation refers directly to the superior general: Sister Orsola Bertolotto assisted by two councilors: Sister Emma Bellotto and Sister Lillia Breda.

The other delegation councils are made up as follows:
Brazil: Sister Regina Manica delegate, Sister Maristela Galiotto, Sister Cecilia Ferrazza, Sister Enedina Smiderle, Sister Anagilda Zanella, councilor.
Ecuador: Sister Mariana Guerrero delegate, Sister Amparo Guzman and Sister Guillermina Gavilanes, councilor.
Chile-Argentina: Sr. Rosa Valdebenito delegate, Sr. Silvia Puas and Sr. Teresinha Mazurana, councilor.
The community of Mexico City reports directly to the General Council.


The sources

(From the Presentation of the Rule of Life)

The official text of our Rule of Life was approved by the Holy See with decree no. 84-2 / 

Fedeli al carisma che il Signore ha donato alla Congregazione, noi Murialdine testimoniamo davanti agli uomini la predilezione di Cristo per i fanciulli e i poveri e consacriamo il nostro impegno pastorale alla gioventù e alle famiglie, specialmente più povere


The Holy Spirit who always animates and renews his Church gave St. Leonardo Murialdo a particular sensitivity to grasp the living problems of his time, inspiring him to found a Congregation: the "Pious Turin Society of St. Joseph", for education and the salvation of young people especially poor and in need of being loved and evangelized.

Our Congregation which is inspired by St. Leonardo Murialdo and was born with particular ties to the one he founded, has made this choice its own.

Faithful to the charism that the Lord has given to the Congregation, the Murialdine Sisters testify before men the predilection of Christ for children and the poor and, making the Church's concern their own, consecrate their pastoral commitment and their service to youth and families, especially the poorest.

The school of the Murialdine Sisters must stand out for its seriousness in its commitment to the cultural, moral and religious preparation of the pupils, for the efficiency of the structures and teaching staff.

A characteristic element of the Murialdine school is to give life to a community school environment permeated with the evangelical spirit of freedom and charity.
While maintaining and promoting the Catholic school, where the local situation makes it necessary and possible, the Murialdine Sisters can join state schools to give visible witness to their consecration.


In the mission of educators in favor of childhood and youth, the Murialdine Sisters are committed to promoting intellectual, professional, social and Christian formation that leads to the maturation of personality so that young people can face their future responsibly.

In this way the Congregation becomes an expression of the Church which works for justice and peace and collaborates with men of good will who are committed to building a more humane society.

Parish pastoral

The Murialdine Sisters actively collaborate in the parish ministry.

The conviction that God loves them pushes the Murialdine women to love their neighbor and to dedicate themselves with zeal to the salvation of souls.

In the testimony of each sister, the Congregation intends to present Christ every day who "welcomes and blesses the little ones, announces the kingdom to the poor and does good to all", and directs his apostolic action in particular to poor and needy youth to be loved and evangelized, and to families.


The Murialdine Sisters of St. Joseph promote solidarity initiatives in favor of the poorest children and young people and families.

Long distance adoption of a family

The missionary communities of the Murialdine Sisters, located in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, welcome children in serious situations of poverty and help their families.

The sisters ensure nutrition and the possibility of attending the Educational Center where children live all the time out of school. They also carry out family pastoral activities in the favelas where the children come from.

Long-distance adoption is a precious help, a true work of charity. Distance adoption allows you to:

  • respond to the "commandment of love" that Jesus proposes to us in the Gospel: "Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, you have done it to me";
  • provide concrete help to children in situations of serious material and moral poverty, giving them the opportunity to attend the Educational Center and have adequate nutrition for a whole year.

The means to contribute

An annual contribution of € 310.00 or € 26.00 per month for 12 months.

For payments you can use both the postal and bank accounts, making them payable to Murialdine Onlus (CF 97423760582)

1 ) Postal current account n. 80554629 - ABI 7601 - CAB 03200 - CIN X. Specify the reason for the payment.

2) Bank account no. 9763– ABI 03512 - CAB 03200 - CIN F - Credito Artigiano branch in Rome Via Pio X. Specify the reason for the payment.

Solidarity favors


Long distance support of a single mother with dependent children. The long-distance support of a single mother allows you to help a poor family to get out of misery by ensuring that it is essential to become financially independent to start the business.

The "single mother with dependent children" is accompanied locally by a Murialdina nun. Contribution: one-time fee of € 500.00.


"San Leonardo Murialdo" boarding school. The boarding school welcomes (night and day) 50 children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have no family.
You can help with the purchase of the following: A dress for a child € 10.00 A pair of shoes for a child € 8.00 School material (pens, pencils, colors, notebooks…) € 5.00 One meal a day for a month for a child € 15.00 Medical or dental or ophthalmological examination for a child € 10.00


Xique-Xique Education Center. The Educational Center of Xique-Xique (Bahia) welcomes around 250 children and young people between 3 and 16 years of age for extracurricular, educational and training activities. You can help with distance adoption which allows you to: provide concrete help to children in situations of material and moral poverty by giving them the  opportunity to attend the Educational Center and have a daily meal for a whole year. The commitment can last over time. Contribution: annual of € 310.00 or € 26.00 per month.

For payments you can use both the postal and bank accounts, making them payable to Murialdine Onlus (Tax Code 97423760582)

1) Postal current account n. 80554629 - ABI 7601 - CAB 03200 - CIN X. Specify the reason for the payment.

2) Bank account no. 9763– ABI 03512 - CAB 03200 - CIN F - Credito Artigiano branch in Rome Via Pio X. Specify the reason for the payment.

Micro achievements


Education Center of Xique-Xique (Bahia). The Center welcomes 150 children and teenagers from 3 to 15 years old.

You can help with the purchase of the following: A wardrobe € 75.00 A table € 10.00 A chair € 3.00 A recorder € 80.00 A soccer ball € 15.00 A basketball € 10.00 A video cassette € 13.00 A ping-pong table € 20.00 One hundred meters of canvas for tailoring € 70.00 Twenty-five meters of embroidery fabric € 90.00 A team for cutting and sewing € 2.00 Cleaning material € 50.00 Pedagogical material € 100.00 One lunch a day for a child € 0.50 A snack per day for a child € 0.20


Hogar "San Leonardo Murialdo" The Family Home welcomes (night and day) 50 children aged 3 to 18 who do not have a family.

You can help with the purchase of the following: A dress for a child € 10.00 A pair of shoes for a child € 8.00 A suit for a boy € 15.00 A pair of shoes for a boy € 10.00 School material (pens, pencils, colors, notebooks…) € 5.00 Complete feeding for one day for a child or young person € 1.00 Christmas lunch for all 50 children in the boarding school € 50.00 Medical or dental or ophthalmological examination for a child € 10.00


Education Center of Mexico City. The Educational Center welcomes 226 children and teenagers between 3 and 14 years old.

You can help with the purchase of the following: Outdoor games € 200.00 A guitar € 50.00 A melodica € 40.00 One ball € 4.00 A medical or dental visit € 20.00 A meal for all 226 children € 15.00 A meal for all 226 children for one month € 400.00 Room cleaning material € 50.00 Material for  andicrafts € 100.00 A video cassette € 10.00 A DVD player € 100.00


Elementary school in La Calera (Quillota). The school welcomes 500 children from a very poor neighborhood.

You can help with the purchase of the following: A wardrobe € 200.00 A desk € 35.00 A curtain for a window € 5.00 A blackboard € 15.00 A desk with chair for one pupil € 20.00 Didactic material for one classroom € 150.00 Play material € 200.00 Pedagogical material € 300.00 One ball € 3.00

For payments you can use both the postal and bank accounts, making them payable to Murialdine Onlus (Tax Code 97423760582)

1) Postal current account n. 80554629 - ABI 7601 - CAB 03200 - CIN X. Specify the reason for the payment.

2) Bank account no. 9763– ABI 03512 - CAB 03200 - CIN F - Credito Artigiano branch in Rome Via Pio X. Specify the reason for the payment.


00135 ROMA  - Via Pietro Paolo Vergerio n. 15 - Tel.  e Fax  06-338 16 29 

Coordinamento generale della Congregazione e Delegazione. Accoglienza alle consorelle per incontri di delegazione e internazionali. 

10147 TORINO – Piazza Chiesa della Salute n. 17/ter – Tel. 011-25 20 25
Attività pastorale nella parrocchia Nostra Signora della Salute 

36075 MONTECCHIO MAGGIORE (VICENZA) - Via Pieve n. 25 - Tel. 0444-69 63 53 (scuola); 0444-183 22 33 (comunità);   Fax 0444-1830997  
Scuola dell’Infanzia. Attività di pastorale giovanile e parrocchiale nella parrocchia Maria Immacolata dei Giuseppini. Comunità Laici del Murialdo.

04010 BORGO SABOTINO (LATINA) - Via Foce Verde, 321 Piano 2° Int. 6 - Tel. 0773 – 648256          
Attività pastorale nella parrocchia Sacro Cuore. Gruppo Murialdo 

80047 SAN GIUSEPPE VESUVIANO (NAPOLI) – Via Croce Rossa n.  33  Tel. e Fax 081-529 63 69    
Servizio di decoro per la Cappella dei Giuseppini del Murialdo. Ministero straordinario della Comunione. Attività di pastorale. Animazione adozioni a distanza.

71100 FOGGIA - Via Crispi n. 84 - Tel. e Fax: 0881-748 079
Insegnamento di Religione nella scuola statale. Caritas diocesana e parrocchiale. Attività di pastorale nella parrocchia, Opera San Michele e Diocesi.



Sede della Delegazione
95040-070 CAXIAS DO SUL – RS - Rua André Stawinski, 492 – Bairro Madureira - Caixa Postal, 556 (95001-970) – Fone 054-3221 4504  - 

Coordinamento della delegazione. Direzione e coordinamento del “Centro Profissional para cidadania”. Catechesi e pastorale parrocchiale.

95001-970 CAXIAS DO SUL - RS - COMUNIDADE SÃO JOÃO BOSCO - Caixa Postal, 549 - Fone e Fax 054-3221 2035; 054-3027 2116 – 
Scuola elementare e gruppo Leigos Amigos de Murialdo 

95125-000 CAXIAS DO SUL - RS - FAZENDA SOUZA - CENTRO SOCIAL P. J. SCHIAVO Caixa Postal, 542 (95020-972) - Fone e Fax  054-3267 11 88   e   054-3267 1001 e 054-3267-1172   
Casa di accoglienza per esercizi spirituali, incontri e assemblea della delegazione. Servizio di animazione vocazionale. Pastorale parrocchiale e familiare. Pastorale della salute, dei bambini, della gioventù. Accoglienza e assistenza consorelle inferme. Artigianato. Gruppo Leigos Amigos de Murialdo. Accoglienza ai pellegrini che visitano la tomba e il  Memoriale di p. Schiavo. Casa di accoglienza per gruppi: “Casa de Lazer Recanto Murialdinas”.

91792-210 PORTO ALEGRE - RS - RESTINGA - Caixa Postal 14523 (91791-970) - Fone e Fax  051-3250 8254 (suore); 0051-32501154 (Opera Monteiro Lobato) 
Centro Infanto Juvenil Monteiro Lobato.   Pastorale parrocchiale.   Lavoro pastorale e sociale a Vila Bita. Leigos Amigos de Murialdo. Servizio di animazione vocazionale.

91520-460 PORTO ALEGRE - RS - Santuario S. José do Murialdo - Rua Santa Maria, 543 - Bairro São José - Fone 051-3352 58 56 (suore); Fone 051-3318 30 24 (parrocchia)
Pastorale parrocchiale. Catechesi. Pastorale della Salute e servizi generali in parrocchia. 

91920-260 PORTO ALEGRE - RS - CIDADE DE DEUS - Rua da Fè, 121- Bairro Cavalhada - Fone 051-3261 1105 
Pastorale parrocchiale. Terapie naturali. Pastoral da Criança.

87010-411 MARINGÁ - PR - LAR ESCOLA DA CRIANÇA - Caixa Postal 1447 (87001-970) - Fone e Fax 044-3227- 3030
Centro Educativo. Pastorale Familiare. Progetto per adolescenti (avviamento al lavoro). Servizio di animazione vocazionale.

47400-000 XIQUE XIQUE - Bahia - Caixa Postal  01 - Rua X n. 19 - Bairro Senhor do Bonfin (BNH) Tel e Fax  074-3661-3237 
Pastorale del minore. Servizio di animazione vocazionale. Attività parrocchiale. 



5521 VILLA NUEVA - Guaymallén (MENDOZA) Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José - Calle Julio A. Roca n. 5338 - Tel. e Fax  0054-261-426 7484 
Centro Educativo San Leonardo Murialdo. Jardin Maternal Emmanuel. Gruppo ALMA. Gruppo PERLAMAR. Pastorale ed evangelizzazione.
Comunità Carismatica Murialdo (ad experimentum - anno 2020)

CP 4190 ROSARIO DE LA FRONTERA (Salta) Calle Palau 521 Telefono e Fax 3876 482 200    
Scuola primaria e secondaria. Centro Educativo Nadino. Pastorale parrocchiale ed evangelizzazione. Servizio di animazione vocazionale.



SAN RAFAEL  - Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José - Avda. Rumiñahui y Isla Genovesa - Cantón Rumiñahui  - Provincia de PICHINCHA  - Tel. e Fax  022-86 01 81 -  Proyecto Tel 022-86 85 10 - 
Coordinamento generale della Delegazione. Casa di formazione. Scuola elementare, media e superiore. Lavoro educativo con Niños de la calle: Hogar S. Leonardo Murialdo. Attività parrocchiale. Animazione vocazionale.

AMBATO - TUNGURAHUA - Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José – Ruben Dario y Colegio Unanine (Huachi Chico) – Casilla 749  -  Tel.  032-84 38 85 (comunità) – Tel. 032-82 88 43 (Proyecto)     
Lavoro educativo con  Niños de la calle: Proyecto don Bosco (1° fase e 2° fase). Pastorale parrocchiale. Animazione vocazionale.

GUAYAQUIL - Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José - Unidad Educativa “S. Maria Goretti” - Guerrero Martinez 1003 y Capitan Najera  - Tel. e Fax  042-45 11 08;  Tel.  042-36 82 84           
Scuola materna, elementare, media e superiore. Attività pastorali. Casa per ritiri spirituali a Salinas (Tel. 042-773430).  Animazione vocazionale.

SANTA CLARA - Prov. del PUYO  (km. 40)  - Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José - Mision Josefina del Napo. Tel.  032-783067;  032-783066  
Pastorale missionaria. Scuola elementare, media e superiore.



07979 CIUDAD DE MEXICO –  D.F.  Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José – Andador 657 n. 1 – Colonia S. Juan de Aragon 4° y 5° seccion -  Tel. e Fax 0555-796 82 52    
Centro Educativo Leonardo Murialdo. Attività di pastorale. Juniorato. Gruppo Laicos Mexicanos Amigos de Murialdo. 

20263 AGUASCALIENTES – AGS – MÉXICO  Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José – Calle Chile, 118 – Colonia Tierra Buena  –  Tel. 0449-9749358     
Noviziato Internazionale di lingua spagnola. Pastorale parrocchiale e attività educativa nella Scuola “Preparatória San Leonardo Murialdo” e nell’Istituto Diocesano di Formazione per religiosi. 



SANTIAGO DEL CHILE - LA REINA  -  Hermanas Murialdinas de S. José – Onofre Jarpa 9366 La Reina  – Tel. e fax: 02-22 73 10 89 
Scuola elementare “San Leonardo Murialdo”. Juniorato. Attività di pastorale.

VALPARAISO - Hermanas Murialdinas de San José- Casilla 4186 - Fone e Fax 032-224 51 54 (Comunità) - Fone 032-224 10 60 (scuola) 
Scuola elementare “Padre Antonio Zanandrea”. 
Scuola elementare in località LA CALERA Tel.  033-22 43 36 



Tel. 00232 76 47 65 08   /   00232 77 38 22 84

Casa di formazione: Juniorato. Attività educativa nella scuola materna. Insegnamento della lingua inglese nella scuola elementare dei Giuseppini. Pastorale parrocchiale. Pastorale vocazionale. 


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